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Gray, B.M., 1983
“Distinguishing signal and noise in climatological spectra.”
In: Short Communications, pp.309-323 Royal Meteorological Society. (R)
(keywords: statistics climate change detection)

Gray, B.M. and Pilcher, J.R., 1983
“Testing the significance of summary response functions.”
Tree Ring Bulletin 43, 31-38 (R)
(keywords: statistics detection)

Gray, B.M., 1982
“Multiple interpolation in climatological spectra.”
Journal of Climatology 2, 291-296 (R)
(keywords: climate change climatology statistics datasets methodology)

Pilcher, J.R. and Gray, B.M., 1982
“The relationship between oak tree growth and climate in Britain.”
Journal of Ecology 70, 297-304 (R)
(keywords: tree rings dendro climate change UK statistics)

Gray, B.M., 1981
“On the stability of temperature eigenvector patterns.”
Journal of Climatology 1, 273-281 (R)
(keywords: eigenvector pattern temperature statistics)

Gray, B.M. Wigley, T.M.L. and Pilcher, J.R., 1981
“The statistical significance and reproducibility of tree-ring response functions.”
Tree Ring Bulletin 41, 21-35 (R)
(keywords: statistics tree rings response function dendro)

Gray, B.M. and Tabony, R.C., 1978
“The Feasibility of Predicting Long-term Changes in Climate over the Unite d Kingdom.”
Report for the Department of the Environment, March 1978.
(keywords: forecasting methodology climate change UK regional)

Hughes, M.K., Gray, B.M., Pilcher, J., Baillie, M. and Leggett, P., 1978
“Climatic signals in British Isles tree-ring chronologies.”
Nature 272, 605-606
(keywords: climate change detection UK tree rings reconstruction statistics)

Gray, B.M., 1977
“Tree-rings as estimates of past climate.”
Climate Monitor 6(3), Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, U K (R)
(keywords: tree rings climate change historical records reconstruction)

Gray, B.M., 1976
“Medium term fluctuations in rainfall in southeastern England.”
Quart. J. R. Met. Soc. 102, 627-638
(keywords: rainfall climate change datasets records observations regional UK)

Gray, B.M., 1975
“Japanese and European winter temperatures.”
Weather 30, 359-368
(keywords: Japan Europe temperature)

Gray, B.M., 1974
“Early Japanese winter temperatures.”
Weather 29, 103-107
(keywords: Japan temperature historical records reconstruction)

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