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Publications list for Granich, S.L.V

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Kelly, M., Granich, S. and Nguyen Huu Ninh (Eds.)., 2000
“Report of the Workshop 'The Impact of El Nino and La Nina on Southeast Asia', 12-23 February 2000, Hanoi, Vietnam.”
Center for Environmental Research Education and Development, Hanoi, Vietnam.
(keywords: ENSO southeast Asia Vietnam global warming climate change impacts)

Kelly, M. and Granich, S., 1997
“The challenge of climate change.”
The Courier, No. 163, May-June 1997 44-46 (R
(keywords: climate change, greenhouse)

Kelly, M. and Granich, S., 1997
“Climate Change. (Briefing Document)”
Powerful Information, Milton Keynes.
(keywords: climate change global warming impacts)

Tri, Nguyen Hoang., Adger, N., Kelly, M., Granich, S. and Ninh, Nguyen Huu., 1996
“The role of natural resource management in mitigating climate impacts: Mangrove restoration in Vietnam.”
CSERGE Working Paper GEC 96-06 (Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment), 27pp CSERGE, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ. (R)
(keywords: impacts climate change Vietnam)

Kelly, M. and Granich, S., 1995
“Global warming and development.”
pp.69-107 in People and Environment (Eds. S. Morse and M. Stocking), 215pp UCL Press, London. (R)
(keywords: global warming development political economic social)

Kelly, P.M., Granich, S.L.V. and Secrett, C.M., 1994
“Global warming: responding to an uncertain future.”
Asia Pacific Journal on Environment and Development 1(1), 28-45 (R)
(keywords: global warming impacts greenhouse effect)

Kelly, P.M. and Granich, S., 1989
“The greenhouse effect.”
Natural World 25, 6-8
(keywords: greenhouse warming impacts)

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