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Farmer, G. and Ford, M.J., 1984
“The contribution of biological sciences to the reconstruction of past climates.”
In: The Evolution of the East Asian Environment (Ed. R.O. Whyte), pp.188-198 Centre of Asian Studies, University of Hong Kong. (R)
(keywords: reconstruction climate historical agriculture)

Ford, M.J., 1978
“A Study of the Biological Response to Climatic Change.”
Report to the Nature Conservancy Council, 221pp
(keywords: climate change impacts)

Ford, M.J., 1978
“Current colder phase could affect 'border-line' cropping.”
The Grower 89, 746-747
(keywords: climate change agriculture impacts)

Ford, M.J., 1978
“Locomotory activity and the predation strategy of the world-spider Pardos amentat (Lycosidae).”
Animal Behaviour 26, 31-35
(keywords: miscellaneous)

Ford, M.J., 1978
“The variety of biological effects of climatic change.”
In: Proc. Nordic Symp. on Climatic Changes and Related Problems (Ed. K. Frydendahl), pp.98-102 Danish Meteorological Inst., Climatological Papers No.4, Copenhagen.
(keywords: climate change impacts biology)

Lamb, H.H. and Ford, M.J., 1977
“The climate of East Anglia.”
Ch.1.2 in: Nature in Norfolk - a Heritage in Trust, pp.23-28 Jarrold for Norfolk Heritage, Norwich.
(keywords: climate change historical regional UK)

Ford, M.J., 1977
“Energy costs of the predation strategy of the web-spinning spider Lepthyp hantes zimmermanni Bertkau (Linyphiidae).”
Oecologia 28, 341-349
(keywords: miscellaneous)

Ford, M.J., 1977
“Metabolic costs of the predation strategy of the spider Pardosa amentat ( Clerck) (Lyccsidae).”
Oecologia 28, 333-340
(keywords: miscellaneous)

Ford, M.J., 1977
“Some biological effects of recent climatic change.”
J. of Meteorology 2, 225-230
(keywords: climate change impacts)

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