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Evans, C. and Davies, T.D., 1998
“Causes of concentration/discharge hysteresis, and its potential as a tool for analysis of episode hydrochemistry.”
Water Resources Research 34(1), 129-137
(keywords: chemistry hydrochemistry methodology pollution)

Evans, C., Davies, T.D., Wigington, P.J.Jr. and Tranter, M., 1996
“Use of factor analysis to investigate processes controlling the chemical composition of four streams in the Adirondack Mts., New York.”
Journ. Hydrol. 185, 297-316
(keywords: statistics methodology chemistry hydrology pollution impacts regional USA)

Evans, C., Davies, T.D., Wigington, P.J.Jr., 1995
“Assessing the contribution of individual dissolved ions to depressions in acid neutralising capacity (ANC) in streams in the northeast USA.”
Water, Air and Soil Pollution 85, 425-432
(keywords: chemistry acid rain pollution impacts USA methodology)

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