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Hulme, M., Jenkins, G., Brooks, N., Cresswell, D., Doherty, R., Durman, C., Gregory, J., Lowe, J. and Osborn, T., 2002
“Whta is happening to global climate and why?”
In: Health Effects of Climate Change in the U.K., pp.18-49 Department of Health, London.
(keywords: global climate change impacts health)

Hulme, M., Doherty, R., Ngara, T., New, M. and Lister, D., 2001
“African climate change: 1900-2100.”
Climate Research 17, 145-168
(keywords: Africa climate change historical records desertification rainfall precipitation)

Cramer, W., Doherty, R., Hulme, M. and Viner, D. (Eds.), 2000
“Climate scenarios for agricultural, forest and ecosystem impacts.”
Proc. ECLAT-2 Potsdam Workshop, 13-15 October 1999, Climatic Research Unit, Norwich, U.K., 120pp contact D. Viner ( for copies
(keywords: climate change scenarios agriculture forestry impacts global warming)

Doherty, R., Kutzbach, J., Foley, J. and Pollard, D., 2000
“Fully coupled climate/dynamical vegetation model simulations over Northern Africa during the mid-Holocene.”
Climate Dynamics 16, 561-573 (R)
(keywords: climate change modelling GCMs Africa Holocene vegetation agriculture impacts)

Doherty, R.M., Hulme, M. and Jones, C.G., 1999
“A gridded reconstruction of land and ocean precipitation for the extended tropics from 1974-1994.”
Int. J. Climatology 19, 119-142 (R)
(keywords: reconstruction land ocean precipitation tropics historical methodology)

Carter, T.R., Hulme, M., Tuomenvirta, H., New, M.G., Osborn, T.J., Crossley, J., Doherty, R.M. and Jones, P.D., 1999
“Interim characterizations of regional climate and related changes up to 2100 associated with the SRES emissions scenarios.”
IPCC Working Group II, Technical Support Unit, Washington DC, USA. 33pp + maps
(keywords: regional climate change forecasting scenarios SRES emissions global warming IPCC)

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