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DeWalle, D.R. and Davies, T.D., 1997
“Seasonal variations in acid-neutralising capacity in 13 northeast United States headwater streams.”
Water Resources Research 33(4), 801-807
(keywords: acid rain pollution USA regional observations chemistry)

Wigington, P.J., Eshleman, K.N., Davies, T.D., Tranter, M., Dewalle, D.R., Murdoch, P.S. and Kretser, W.A., 1992
“A conceptual model of episodic acidification.”
EOS 14(43), p.178
(keywords: acid rain pollution modelling methodology impacts)

Davies, T.D., Tranter, M., Wigington, P.D., Eshleman, K.N., Peters, N.E., van Sickle, J., DeWalle, D.R. and Murdoch, P. (in press), ----
“Prediction of episodic acidification with an empirical-mechanistic model.”
Hydrological Processes.
(keywords: acid rain pollution prediction modelling methodology impacts)

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