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Harpham, C. and Dawson, C.W., 2006
“The effect of different basis functions on a radial basis function network for time series prediction: A comparative study.”
Neurocomputing, 69 2161-2170

Harpham, C., Dawson, C.W. and Brown, M.R., 2004
“A Review of Genetic Algorithms Applied to Training Radial Basis Function Networks.”
Neural Computing & Applications, 13 (3) 193-201

Dawson, C.W., Harpham, C., Wilby, R.L. and Chen, Y., 2002
“An evaluation of artificial neural network techniques for flow forecasting in the river Yangtze, China.”
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 6 (4) 619-626

Dawson, C.W., Wilby, R.L., Harpham, C., Brown, M.R., Cranston, E. and Darby, E.J., 2000
“Modelling Ranunculus presence in the rivers Test and Itchen using artificial neural networks.”
The Fifth International Conference on GeoComputation

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