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Craddock, J.M., 1979
“Methods of comparing annual rainfall records for climatic purposes.”
Weather 34, 332-345
(keywords: rainfall methodology datasets climate change reconstruction)

Craddock, J.M. and Smith, C.G., 1978
“An investigation into rainfall recording at Oxford.”
Meteorological Magazine 107, 257-271
(keywords: rainfall datasets historical records regional Oxford UK methodology)

Craddock, J.M., 1977
“A homogeneous record of monthly rainfall totals for Norwich for the years 1836-1976”
Meteorological Magazine 106, 267-278
(keywords: rainfall precipitation historical records regional Norwich UK)

Craddock, J.M., 1977
“Planning the software for a personal research contract.”
Software Practice and Experience 7, 645-653
(keywords: computing methodology)

Craddock, J.M., 1977
“Rainfall at Oxford from 1767 to 1814, estimated from the records of Dr Th omas Hornsby and others.”
Meteorological Magazine 106, 361-372
(keywords: rainfall regional UK historical records reconstruction methodology)

Craddock, J.., 1976
“Annual rainfall in England since 1725.”
Quart. J. R. Met. Soc. 102, 823-840
(keywords: rainfall datasets regional UK historical records precipitation)

Craddock, J.M., 1976
“Designing a FORTRAN based system for meteorological statistics.”
Software Practice and Experience 6, 301-319
(keywords: meteorology statistics computing methodology)

Craddock, J.M. and Wales-Smith, B.G., 1976
“Monthly rainfall totals representing the East Midlands for the years 1726 -1975.”
Met. Mag. 106, 97-111
(keywords: rainfall datasets regional historical records reconstruction UK)

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