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Burgess, P.E., Palutikof, J.P. and Goodess, C.M., 2000
“Investigations into long-term future climate changes.”
In: Linking Climate Change to Land Surface Change (S.J. McLaren and D.R. Kniveton (eds.)), pp.231-246 Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands. (R)
(keywords: climate change impacts methodology scenarios forecasting)

Palutikof, J.P., Goodess, C.M., Watkins, S.J. and Burgess, P.E., 1999
“Developments in long-term climate change research.”
Progress in Environmental Science 1(1), 89-96 (R)
(keywords: climate change methodology)

Goodess, C.M., Watkins, S.J., Burgess, P.E. and Palutikof, J.P., 1999
“Assessing the long-term future climate of the British Isles in Relation to the Deep Underground Disposal of Radioactive Waste.”
Nirex Report N/010, United Kingdom Nirex Ltd., 193pp ISBN 1-84029-252-0
(keywords: climate change UK Europe radioactive waste disposal risk)

Goodess, C.M., Burgess, P.E. and Palutikof, J.P., 1997
“Investigation of climatic effects relevant to the deep disposal of radioactive waste using a zonally-averaged climate model and palaeoenvironmental records.”
In: Glaciation and Hydrogeology. Workshop on the Impact of Climate Change and Glaciations on Rock Stresses, Groundwater Flow and Hydrochemistry - Past, Present and Future (Eds. L. King-Clayton, N. Chapman, L.O. Ericsson and F. Kautsky). SKI Report 97:13, pp.A19-A20. Norstedts Tryckeri AB, Stockholm, ISSN 1104-1374.
(keywords: climate change radioactive waste pollution modelling historical proxy records)

Burgess, P., Palutikof, J.P. and Loutre, M.-F., 1996
“Validation of temperature from a two-dimensional climate model.”
Preprints, 13th Conf. on Probability and Statistics in the Atmospheric Sciences, Americal Met. Soc., San Francisco, 21-23 Feb. 1996, pp.330-333
(keywords: temperature validation modelling climate change methodology)

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