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Brooks, N., Adger, W.N. and Kelly, P.M., 2005
“The determinants of vulnerability and adaptive capacity at the national level and the implications for adaptation.”
Global Environmental Change 15(2), 151-163
(keywords: impacts adaptation global national level)

Hulme, M., Jenkins, G., Brooks, N., Cresswell, D., Doherty, R., Durman, C., Gregory, J., Lowe, J. and Osborn, T., 2002
“Whta is happening to global climate and why?”
In: Health Effects of Climate Change in the U.K., pp.18-49 Department of Health, London.
(keywords: global climate change impacts health)

Brooks, N. and Legrand, M., 2000
“Dust variability over northern Africa and rainfall in the Sahel.”
In: Linking Climate Change to Land Surface Change (eds. S.J. McLaren and D.R. Kniveton), Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp.1-25 (R)
(keywords: Africa climate change precipitation rainfall Sahel desertification dust)

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