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Bigg, G.R., Jickells, T.D., Liss, P.S. and Osborn, T.J., 2003
“The role of the oceans in climate.”
International Journal of Climatology 23, 1127-1159 (doi:10.1002/joc.926)
(keywords: oceans oceanography climate)

Trigo, I.F., Bigg, G.R. and Davies, T.D., 2002
“A climatology of cyclogenesis mechanisms in the Mediterranean.”
Monthly Weather Review 130, 549-569
(keywords: climatology cyclogenesis Mediterranean)

Trigo, I.F., Davies, T.D., Bigg, G.R., 2000
“Decline in Mediterranean rainfall caused by weakening of Mediterranean cyclones in response to northwards migration of Atlantic storm-tracks.”
Geophysical Research Letters 27 (18), 2913-2916
(keywords: Mediterranean rainfall precipitation storm tracks climate change)

Trigo, I.G., Davies, T.D. and Bigg, G.R., 1999
“Objective climatology of cyclones in the Mediterranean Region.”
Journal of Climate 12, 1685-1696
(keywords: Mediterranean storms cyclone climatology climate change)

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