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Davies, T.D., Palutikof, J.P., Guo, X., Berkofsky, L. and Halliday, J.A., 1995
“Development and testing of a two-dimensional downslope wind model.”
Boundary Layer Meteorology 73, 279-297
(keywords: modelling wind energy speed synoptic methodology)

Davies, T.D., Palutikof, J.P. and Berkofsky, L., 1994
“Development and testing of a downslope wind model-incorporation into a wind turbine predictive scheme.”
Report to EPSRC, GR/H 19125, 30pp Climatic Research Unit, UEA, Norwich.
(keywords: wind modelling speed energy turbine forecasting prediction)

Guo, X., Davies, T.D., Palutikof, J.P., Berkofsky, L. and Halliday, J., 1994
“Developing and testing of downslope wind models: incorporation into wind turbine site prediction schemes.”
Report to the SERC, GR/G 26884, 138pp CRU, UEA.
(keywords: wind modelling turbine prediction forecasting energy speed)

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