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Livermore, M.T.J., Palutikof, J.P., Bentham, C.G. and Osborn, T.J., 2002
“Climate change impacts in Europe - the role of extreme temperature events.”
In: Proc. 13th conf. on Applied Climatology, Portland, Oregon, May 2002, pp.104-105 American Meteorological Society, Boston, U.S.A.
(keywords: climate change impacts Europe extreme events temperature)

Subak, S., Palutikof, J.P., Agnew, M.D., Watson, S.J., Bentham, C.G., Cannell, M.G.R., Hulme, M. and others, 2000
“The impact of the anomalous weather of 1995 on the UK economy.”
Climatic Change 44, 1-26
(keywords: impacts climate change UK economic)

Varley, M.J., Davies, T.D., Bentham, C.G. and Palutikof, J.P., 1989
“Local attitudes to three existing wind turbine sites in the UK.”
In: Wind Energy and the Environment (Ed. D.T. Swift-Hook), pp.148-159 Peter Peregrinus, London. (R)
(keywords: wind speed energy UK turbines impacts)

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