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Spurk, M., Leuschner, H.H., Baillie, M.G.L., Briffa, K.R. and Friedrich, M., 2002
“Depositional frequency of German subfossil oaks: climatically and non-climatically induced fluctuations in the Holocene.”
The Holocene 12, 707-715
(keywords: oaks tree rings climate change proxy data global warming Germany Europe NH regional)

Briffa, K.R., Baillie, M.G.L., Bartholin, T., Bonde, N. and others., 2000
“Analysis of dendrochronological variability and associated natural climates in Eurasia - the last 10,000 years (ADVANCE-10K).”
In: Proceedings European Science Conference, Vienna, October 1988. CDROM available from Biodiversity and Global Change Unit, Research DG, European Commission, Brussels.
(keywords: dendrochronology tree rings variability climate change Eurasia Europe historical ADVANCE)

Briffa, K.R., Jones, P.D., Vogel, R.B., Schweingruber, F.H., Baillie, M.G.L., Shiyatov, S.G. and Vaganov, E.A., 1999
“European tree rings and climate in the 16th century.”
Climatic Change 43, 151-168 (R)
(keywords: tree rings dendroclimatology dendrochronology historical climate change observations Europe)

Briffa, K.R., Jones, P.D., Wigley, T.M.L., Pilcher, J.R. and Baillie, M.G.L., 1986
“Climate reconstruction from tree rings: Part 2, Spatial reconstruction of summer mean sea-level pressure patterns over Great Britain.”
Journal of Climatology 6, 1-15 (R)
(keywords: climate change reconstruction tree rings pressure UK sea level)

Baillie, M.G.L., Hillam, J., Briffa, K.R. and Brown, D.M., 1985
“Re-dating the English art-historical tree-ring chronologies.”
Nature 315, 317-319
(keywords: UK historical tree rings)

Briffa, K.R., Jones, P.D., Wigley, T.M.L., Pilcher, J.R. and Baillie, M.G.L., 1983
“Climate reconstruction from tree rings: Part 1, basic methodology and pre liminary results for England.”
Journal of Climatology 3, 233-242 (R)
(keywords: reconstruction climate change tree rings dendro methodology UK)

Hughes, M.K., Gray, B.M., Pilcher, J., Baillie, M. and Leggett, P., 1978
“Climatic signals in British Isles tree-ring chronologies.”
Nature 272, 605-606
(keywords: climate change detection UK tree rings reconstruction statistics)

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