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Davis, P.M., Atkinson, T.C. and Wigley, T.M.L., 2000
“Longitudinal dispersion in natural channels: 2. The roles of shear flow dispersion and dead zones in the River Severn, U.K.”
Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences 4, 355-371
(keywords: hydrology rivers UK)

Briffa, K.R. and Atkinson, T., 1997
“Reconstructing late-glacial and Holocene Climates.”
In: Climates of the British Isles: Present, Past and Future (Eds. M. Hulme and E. Barrow) pp.84-111 Routledge, London. (R)
(keywords: climate change, tree rings)

Atkinson, T.C., Briffa, K.R. and Coope, G.R., 1987
“Seasonal temperatures in Britain during the past 22,000 years reconstructed using beetle remains.”
Nature 325, 587-592 (R)
(keywords: temperature UK historical reconstruction)

Atkinson, T.C., Briffa, K.R. and Coope, G.R., 1986
“Reconstruction of late-glacial climates from coleoptera using the mutual range method.”
Abstracts and Reports from the Conference on 'Abrupt Climatic Change', pp.56-59 SIO Reference Series 86-8.
(keywords: reconstruction climate change methodology historical)

Atkinson, T.C., Briffa, K.R., Coope, G.R., Joachim, M.J. and Perry, D.W., 1986
“Climatic calibration of coleopteran data.”
In: Handbook of Holocene Palaeoecology and Palaeyhydrology (Ed. B.E. Berglund), pp.851-858 Wiley and Sons Ltd., Chichester.
(keywords: climate reconstruction datasets historical methodology)

Atkinson, T.C., Smart, P.L. and Wigley, T.M.L., 1983
“Climate and natural radon levels in Castleguard Cave, Columbia Icefields, Alberta, Canada.”
Arctic and Alpine Research 15, 487-502 (R)
(keywords: climate change radon Canada)

Atkinson, T.C. and Smart, P.L., 1979
“Traceurs artificiels en hydrogeologie.”
Bulletin de Bureau des Recherches Geol. et Minieres, 2me serie, sect. III, no. 3, 365-380
(keywords: hydrology geology)

Atkinson, T.C., 1978
“Measurement of subsurface water flow on hillslopes.”
Chapter 3 in: Hillslope Hydrology (Ed. M.J. Kirkby), pp.73-120 J. Wiley, London.
(keywords: hydrology)

Atkinson, T.C. et al., 1978
“Palaeoclimatic and geomorphic implications of 230Th/234U dates on speleot hems from Britain.”
Nature 272, 23-28
(keywords: geology)

Atkinson, T.C., 1977
“CO2 in the atmosphere of the unsaturated zone: An important control of gr oundwater hardness in limestones.”
Journal of Hydrology 35, 111-123
(keywords: CO2 atmospheric geology)

Atkinson, T.C., 1977
“Diffuse flow and conduit flow in limestone terrain in the Mendip Hills, S omerset.”
Journal of Hydrology 35, 93-110
(keywords: geology regional UK)

Atkinson, T.C. and Smith, D.I., 1977
“Underground flow in cavernous limestones with special reference to the Ma lham area.”
Field Studies 4, 597-616
(keywords: geology hydrology regional UK)

Atkinson, T.C., Smart, P.L. and Harmon, R.S., 1977
“Cave chronology and Quaternary erosional history in the Mendip Hills, Eng land.”
In: Abstracts, X INQUA Conference, p.23
(keywords: geology regional UK)

Atkinson, T.C., Smart, P.L. and Harmon, R.S., 1977
“Radiometric dating of speleothems and cavern development in the Mendip Hi lls, England.”
In: Proc. 7th Int. Congress Speleol., Sheffield, pp.5-10
(keywords: geology regional UK)

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