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Publications list for Airey, M.J

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Airey, M.J., Hulme, M. and Johns, T.C., 1996
“Evaluation of simulations of terrestrial precipitation in UK Met. Office/Hadley Centre climate change experiments.”
Geophysical Research Letters 23(13), 1657-1660 (R)
(keywords: precipitation climate change modelling methodology)

Airey, M.J., Hulme, M. and Johns, T., 1996
“Evaluation of simulations of precipitation by the UK Met. Office/Hadley Centre model.”
Geophysical Research Letters 23, 1657-1660
(keywords: precipitation GCMs methodology)

Airey, M. and Hulme, M., 1995
“Validating precipitation simulations by climate models: problems, methods and applications.”
Prog. in Phys. Geography 19, 447-468
(keywords: precipitation validation modelling GCMs methodology)

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