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Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, 1997
“Extended flow records at key locations in England and Wales (Phase 2). R&D Technical Report W25.”
Climatic Research Unit, UEA, work commissioned by the Environment Agency, R&D Technical Report W25. 106pp Foundation for Water Research, Allen House, The Listons, Liston Road, Marlow, Bucks SL7 1FD, Tel. 01628-891589. (R)
(keywords: hydrology historical records UK Europe rainfall methodology rivers climate modelling global warming climate change)

United Kingdom Climate Change Impacts Review Group., 1996
“Review of the Potential Effects of Climate Change in the United Kingdom. Second Report.”
HMSO, London, 247pp
(keywords: impacts climate change forecasting UK Europe)

World Meteorological Organisation., 1984
“Report of the WMO/UNEP/ICSU-SCOPE Expert Meeting on the Reliability of Cr op-climate Models for Assessing the Impacts of Climatic Change and Variability, Geneva, May 1984 (Ed. R.A. Warrick).”
WMO-90, Geneva, WMO.
(keywords: modelling agriculture climate change book)

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