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SO&P: Work Package 1

Coordination and dissemination

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See also the full list of people involved in the SO&P project.


Work description

This work package is concerned with all aspects of project management, i.e. facilitation of integrated research, timely reporting and dissemination of results. At the outset of the project a website will be established to serve as the central information facility: for members of the consortium; their collaborators outside of the project; and the general public (see also section 9, Project Management).

Access to part of the site will be restricted to project participants. This will mean that one section of the same site can act as a central repository of data and logistic details only for partners, while an open-access section will provide detailed background, progress reports, and the project outputs as they become available. The establishment and maintenance of this site will come within this workpackage. The coordinator will be partly assisted by an administrator, who will be responsible for the organisation of project meetings, initiation and production of interim and final reports and wider dissemination of the project's outputs.

Simulated and palaeoclimate data sets will be made available to the scientific community for further research. To facilitate this, full public access to the project website will be allowed at the end of the project, which will contain adequate documentation to ensure full use of the project outputs. Dissemination of data to various scientific databases in and beyond Europe will also be undertaken. Dissemination of the project's key research findings to the general public will be achieved through the production of a project brochure and via the project website. The brochure will be produced and distributed near the mid-point of the project; it will publicise the project, highlighting its objectives and its early findings, and advertise the project website for obtaining further/subsequent information.


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