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This project aims to provide a state-of-the-art quantitative description of the variability and causes of variability of Northern Hemisphere climate, over the last five centuries. It will investigate the behaviour of important regional systems as well as hemispherically-integrated changes, and quantify the changing influences of natural and anthropogenic climate forcings, using an integrated study of palaeoclimate proxies and carefully prescribed general circulation model (GCM) experiments. Another major objective is to establish the reliability of GCM simulations of natural climate variability, and hence gain additional insights into the uncertainty of model-based anthropogenic climate change detection studies. This will provide a more secure basis from which to assess the likelihood of future abrupt and unusual climate changes. We will also undertake this assessment. In reaching these overarching aims, the project will achieve many individual measurable objectives. The most important of these are:


No. WP Deliverable Due end of Status Link to deliverable
D1 1 Dedicated project website (with private and public sections) Dec 2002 Jan 2003: Complete Website
D2 3 Assembly of climate proxy, documentary and long instrumental data, and existing palaeoclimate reconstructions completed, and distributed via the project website Oct 2003 Nov 2003: Complete Data
D3 2 Simulated data in the project data base Jul 2004 Aug 2004: Complete Data
D4 4 Methods for comparison of palaeo and model data developed and documented, and algorithms made available Jan 2005 Aug 2004: Complete Report
D5 N/A This deliverable was removed during contract negotiation N/A N/A N/A
D6 3 Improvement of European gridded temperature and precipitation/drought reconstructions Jan 2005 Aug 2005: Complete Data
D7 3 Comparison, improvement and combination of Northern Hemisphere gridded temperature reconstructions Dec 2005 Jul 2006: Complete Data
D8 2 Report on simulated response to external forcings Jan 2005 Dec 2004: Complete Report
D9 3 Reconstruction of atmospheric circulation patterns and circulation indices and ENSO Dec 2004 Nov 2004: Complete Report
D10 3 Spatio-temporal analysis of reconstructed climate variability over 1500-2000 Dec 2005 Mar 2006: Complete Report
D11 2 Report on difference between control and forced simulations Jan 2005 Apr 2005: Complete Report
D12 5 Simulated sea-level from all GCM simulations in the project data base Mar 2005 Nov 2005: Complete Data
D13 5 Regional estimates of observed sea level rise (from North Atlantic tide gauge and proxy records) in the project data base Jul 2005 Jun 2006: Complete Data
D14 4 Report on the evaluation of simulated climate variability and climate response to forcing using the palaeo reconstructions Oct 2005 Jan 2006: Complete Report
D15 4 Report on the interpretation of palaeodata using climate simulations Jan 2006 Jan 2006: Complete Report
D16 5 Report estimating the natural and anthropogenic contributions to sea level variations over the past 500 years, and evaluating the simple climate/sea-level models Feb 2006 Jul 2006: Complete Report
D17 5 Report on the comparison of simulated and observed sea levels and on relationships with climate forcing/variability Apr 2006 Jul 2006: Complete Report
D18 4 Report on climate signal detection using the palaeo-based, model-based, and synthesis estimates of natural climate variability Apr 2006 May 2006: complete Report
D19 1 Final project report, draft TIP plan and dissemination of project results and data sets Apr 2006 August 2006: complete Report

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