ACCORD - Atmospheric Circulation Classification and Downscaling
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ACCORD Data sets

Data sets available for use in the ACCORD project:

Details are given in the Minutes of the ACCORD Start-up meeting.

Data available from the Climatic Research Unit:

A number of data sets can be downloaded from the Climatic Research Unit web site.

NCEP reanalysis data:

The following NCEP data sets have been extracted and are available for downloading:
- Daily data: SLP, precipitation rate, air temperature at 2m, min. and max. temperature at 2m
- 6-hourly data: SLP, geopotential height (200, 300, 500, 700, 850 and 1000 hPa), U/V-wind near surface
ACCORD participants will be informed by email when additional data sets become available.

For documentation see Kalnay et al., 1996, BAMS, 77, 437-471 and the NCEP web site.
N.B. A problem has been identified with the 1948-1967 daily slp data.

Gridded daily precipitation for the Alpine region:

The Alpine Precipitation Climatology developed at ETH can be released free of charge to registered users.

Last updated: December 1998