Keith Briffa
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Prof. Keith Briffa

Keith Briffa is a Professor at the Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich, U.K., where he as worked since 1977. He was born in 1952. His primary research interests are in late Holocene climate change with a geographical emphasis on northern Eurasia. His specialism is dendroclimatology, a field in which he has produced a number of widely cited reconstructions of past climate variability (in western North America, northern North America, Western Europe, Fennoscandia and western Siberia). He is presently the coordinator of ADVANCE-10K a European Community funded project (involving 15 institutions in 9 countries) using various forms of tree-ring data (ring widths, ring densities and carbon and oxygen isotopes) to reconstruct high-resolution northern European climate change over the last 10,000 years. Beside this principal commitment, Briffa is currently engaged in collaborative tree-ring projects with colleagues in N. America, Russia, S. America (Chile and Argentina) and New Zealand.

Besides tree-ring research, Briffa's interests encompass evidence of recent climate change based on instrumental records, and the theory and general application of various palaeoclimate data for describing 'natural' climate variability, its relationships with possible forcing factors and the relevance for anthropogenic climate change detection. Briffa is an Associate Editor of the journals The Holocene (of which he was a founding member) and Dendrochronologia.

October 2009

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