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Monthly temperature series for Scotland and Northern Ireland

With funding from SNIFFER, Jones and Lister (2004) developed monthly temperature series for three regions:

These series were based on eight long station or composite-station records, for monthly means of daily mean, maximum and minimum temperature. The series begin in 1800 (SMT, mean temperature), 1827 (SIT, mean temperature), 1844 (NIT, mean, minimum and maximum temperature), and 1866 (SMT and SIT for maximum and minimum temperature) and then originally all ran to 2002 (Jones and Lister, 2004). All series were subsequently updated to 2004. See Jones and Lister (2004) for a discussion of the reliability of the series, especially the earlier portions.

Files are provided with both actual (absolute) temperatures and with differences from the 1961-1990 mean (anomalies).

File format
for year = startyear to endyear
  format(i5,12i6,i6) year, 12 * monthly value, annual value
Missing values represented by -999
Divide absolute temperature files by 10 for °C
Divide anomaly temperature files by 100 for °C anomalies
Anomalies are differences from the 1961-1990 mean

SNIFFER.tartar file containing all series (or click individual files below)
smtmabs18002004.datSMT mean temperature absolute
smtmanom18002004.datSMT mean temperature anomalies
smtnabs18662004.datSMT minimum temperature absolute
smtnanom18662004.datSMT minimum temperature anomalies
smtxabs18662004.datSMT maximum temperature absolute
smtxanom18662004.datSMT maximum temperature anomalies
sitmabs18272004.datSIT mean temperature absolute
sitmanom18272004.datSIT mean temperature anomalies
sitnabs18662004.datSIT minimum temperature absolute
sitnanom18662004.datSIT minimum temperature anomalies
sitxabs18662004.datSIT maximum temperature absolute
sitxanom18662004.datSIT maximum temperature anomalies
nitmabs18442004.datNIT mean temperature absolute
nitmanom18442004.datNIT mean temperature anomalies
nitnabs18442004.datNIT minimum temperature absolute
nitnanom18442004.datNIT minimum temperature anomalies
nitxabs18442004.datNIT maximum temperature absolute
nitxanom18442004.datNIT maximum temperature anomalies

Change log

Last updated: June 2017, Tim Osborn and David Lister

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