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CRU TS Version 4.00

This is an access point for v.4.00 of CRUTS, CRUCY and related files.

Please use it until access via BADC is implemented (or if this is proving impossible).

Release_Notes_CRU_TS4.00.txtREAD THIS FIRST!
cruts.1701270849.v4.00Main gridded data

comparisons.210.vs.400Comparison with archived version v2.10

comparisons.32401.vs.400Comparison with previous release

observation.v3.24.01Source observations are those used for 3.24.01
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crucy.1701270849.v4.00Derived product

Last updated: March 2017, Ian Harris

These datasets are made available under the Open Database License.
Any rights in individual contents of the datasets are licensed under the
Database Contents License under the conditions of Attribution and Share-Alike.
Please use the attribution Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia