Climate Mural


A Climate Mural for Our Times opened at the City Hall Norwich on 25 November 2022, in the 50th Anniversary Year of the Founding of the Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia, Norwich.

An art-science collaboration between Gennadiy Ivanov, Norwich City Council, the Climatic Research Unit UEA, the Transitions Art-Science Project, and Global Water Futures.

Art and science to help inform decisions about all our futures.

Leaflet: explore the climate mural (PDF)

Outcomes and responses to the climate mural (webpage)

The story of the climate mural (webpage)

The climate impact stories depicted in the climate mural (PDF)

The science behind the climate mural (coming soon)


Gennadiy Ivanov (website)

Transitions / Global Water Futures

Trevor Davies (UEA)
John Pomeroy (University of Saskatchewan)

Climatic Research Unit

Michael Taylor (UEA)
Tim Osborn (UEA)

Norwich City Council

Alan Waters


Scientific advice: Julian Andrews (UEA)
Climate stripes inspiration: Ed Hawkins (University of Reading)
Communications: Sharon Page (NCC), Will Stevens (NCC), Emily Fairchild (UEA)


The leader of Norwich City Council commissioned a mural depicting our climate past and our choices for the future to be placed in the main council chamber. The mural has been created without any cost to the council or to any other public organisation: it is a gift.

Gennadiy Ivanov and Trevor Davies were supported by Global Water Futures via the Transitions project.

Michael Taylor and Tim Osborn were supported by UK Natural Environment Research Council via the GloSAT project (NE/S015582/1).