Unpacking of data files

The scenario data-sets (TYN SC 1.0 and TYN SC 2.0) are very large. To reduce data transfer volumes, the data-set is supplied in the form of a set of raw ASCII files. The user must download the raw files and then unpack them into the scenario data-sets. There are three ways in which the unpacking can be achieved:
  1. using fortran software (requires Unix and possibly some programming) - see below
  2. by making manual calculations from the raw files, using the self-service unpacking method
  3. by writing your own software to automate the self-service unpacking method

WARNING! The raw data files are USELESS without this unpacking procedure. Do NOT attempt to use these raw data files. Your results will be WRONG! Use the unpacking procedure documented here and in the readme file for the data-set.

Supplied software The unpacking procedure works as follows:

The choices the user must make are as follows: The format of the final data-set files is described here. There is one ASCII file for each combination of climate variable, SRES emission scenario, and GCM. There is no facility to restrict the number of grid-boxes unpacked.

See also the data-set readme file (which gives the detailed instructions for unpacking using the supplied software), and the software page